The unrequited love ( between two worlds)

Nothing is more dangerous than desire when it’s wrong

Play dead
To save myself

From you
Handsome devil, you

killed me first
my head and heart
And My love
You tortured
Fucked with enough to ruin
But kept just enough alive to still keep

To have around for
whenever you damn well please
When you want or when you need me
But Only For helping you
And Never for the love of me
And when you don’t want or need me
You push me out
And down
And away

…Just enough…
But really not much of anything
anything that’s really real
And you are really not much of that
Or much to love now
I think I’ve reached that point
Where Giving up and going on
Are both the same dead-end to me

Play dead
For only you
And your Dead love
Will end

I hurt so completely, all I could do was laugh


-kyoko cole 2014



Time press
Ink press
press her
Under and pull one over on her
over head Of clouds

— Time stamp
Life stamp
tramp stamp
Stomp around
going Up and
The disabled ramp
excuse me – i mean – the ramp for the disabled
We could be together
if we really tried
if you really wanted it to be
If you allowed it
and I would give it and you my all
If you let me

— But you won’t
And you don’t
And I’m not yours
And you are not mine
Now and
Forever always on
forever always gone


-kyoko cole


The Dig – ” I Already Forgot Everything You Said” on YouTube

Well you look into the water and the fish are dead
You close your eyes and all you see is red
Now you’re all tied up inside your head
And I already forgot everything you said

When you think of all the things that I said to you
They wouldn’t cut to the bone if they weren’t true
You can keep em locked away inside your head
But i already forgot everything you said

Well you came to me when the night was young
But you could not stay for very long
You were looking for a place to unload you head
And I already forgot everything you said

Well you left with him but he changed his mind
You left everything that you love behind
Now I would take you back but the feelings dead
And I already forgot everything you said

Now you can ease your heart you can ease your mind
You can save your thoughts for another time
Because the sun is rising on your bed
And I already forgot everything you said

The truth is

I’ve always known
That this
Was not for me




Drunken me
Will talk to any of yous
What if I’m walking back to the bar
Right now
With a winning scratcher ticket in my hand
Oh, I wish
Goodbye money
Hello booze 🙂


For me
Tongs joyfully hide
Astride bazooka bombs
Of self destruction
Phoney possibilities
Trick the eyes and ears
And hopefully fool the heart
Roundabout elite.
The prance around
Dance around beat
Down down
Going down to the fade
My heart frantic
And still
beat -Down
Old Love traces
Fade out
With her that replaces
Invalidating like squash
Trumps heads unannounced
Life untold without unfinished
Calmly fucking fast.
Calmly fucking down