Slow and steady

Binge drinker
I am
I need water
I need sleep
I need to slow the Fuck down
I am
Not in this with you



Make me smile

Your love

Your love
Love to hurt
Anyone you think has hurt you
But your drunk drive reality
Is a little skewed
As you crash and burn hazy
You make everyone
Anyone who loves you crazy
It’s you
To start
It’s you to fall apart
And it’s you who will never really be happy.


What a bad feeling
You give me
Every time
I think you won’t
Oh well
I don’t care
About you
Or what you do
Or how you are
Or how you feel
Cause you’re not worth caring about to me
You treat me like an enemy
Or a stranger
And so that is how we will remain

Might like you better if we slept together

Down light
Shadows fade
Soft skin
Inside the soft parade
Things unseen
From things unmade
See the light form
From the shade
I will always love

Sucks for you

If you don’t reach out and really fight for what you love
Then you’ll lose it and lose out
And one day
Maybe on your death bed
Our maybe even tomorrow
You’ll be that guy regretting
Being stupid
And losing out
But that is where you are
And that sucks for you

Trails and tales

Of you
And me
Tell tales
Of us we yard sale
The stuff
The pieces
And junk
That reminds me
Of long ago
Way back when
I used to know you
Or at least
I thought I did
It felt like we did
Until it didn’t
Until everything
Between you and me
And of us and all that reminds me of we
Became only junk
And love sunk
In the sinking
Sad feelings
Of love drowning to the sea

I sell the remainder of our short lived love
For a measly 25¢
Like our love
Like our love
Looking back now
It’s like our love
Cheap and free