This is for you

I love you



We barely know one another
But there’s something about you
That makes me sweat
Sweet goodness
Until today
I walked away
You made me
Have to walk away
when I wanted to stay
And I know you wanted me to stay
But hurt is hurt
And i guess I hurt you
you took me the wrong way
And so you threw it back
I guess we attack what we attract

We used to wait

That song just played
At the place where we met
And for a second
I felt everything all over again
But then
And I listened
Something beyond
My heart and
My memories
And my emotions
And my fears
And my foolishness
You were never mine
You loved me because you needed me for a moment
And now that moment is gone
And so am I
Tonight I dance with the stars of anything and everything there ever was and ever could be
I say goodbye to you