enter the young

it has nothing to do with age and time 
age and time does not exist beyond our minds
and beyond what we think age and time is
we believe and hold things up to be a straight line
either black or white
or flat or round
but we limit ourselves in the boxes we put and cage ourselves in
it’s a trap
so much that we believe to be true is the bait
but so much is real and honest and beautiful if we can allow ourselves to see beyond the illusion 
within the heart – we know what is real and what is not. we know what feels good and what is not. we know when something doesn’t feel right 
when there’s truth and love it breeds harmony and you can feel it. it’s positive
when there’s deceit and lies and greed and bullshit – wearing the mask of love – you can also feel it

and it’s negative
there is no hidden agenda and shadiness and evil in love 
the young heart no matter how long you’ve lived in the body you have now as the person you are now- is free 
the young heart is full of love 


If I could change the past I wouldn’t

I look
I’m put
Into a life
Into a moment
I didn’t ask for
But I did
Beyond this body
And behind the name
And now
I am
Years beyond
Who I am in this world
Who I am in this body
Who I am
With this name
But who I am
And through all the years
And forms
And faces
Wanted- needed
And Signed up for
To become a more
Towards every thing