Note to self:
I know how much love i have
I know how much i tried
Let it go before 
I go
Too Away
From myself
I love me
And anyone who makes me feel bad
Or less than
Or not a part of
Doesn’t really have my best interest on mind
Let it out
All the pain and hurt
Get it out
Bleed out out
And then get the Fuck away
Let go
what is not for me
And remember why
I should never look back

Naked by the window

Tongues of flame
Jump cuts
What it is
Before it hits the floor
Body politics
Flesh and stone
Nine lives
Magic show
Behind the eyes
On the wall
Border comedy
The big nothing
Monument to now
Lines, grid, stains, words
Fucked up + photocopied
Forty are better than one
Suspended instants
In alphabetical order
Follow me
In and out of place
Lost bodies
Inside out
breaking and entering
Painted light
For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn’t there…

Remote viewing
Radio memory
Sweet dreams and nightmares
At home/not at home
Live in your head
Private time in a public place
In numbers
Memory under construction
The end of the line
Connected body?
the bodies speak has been known for a long time
Making being here enough
The art of the accident
The lucid evidence
Custom built
Lost futures
Ghost stories
Mirror me
Facing the finish
Under the sun
Primal spirit
Timeless eye
Cries and whispers
Vanished paths
Things as they are
This is not it
Touchable sound
on the edge
Beyond desire
Thin skin
steps off the beaten path
Who knows tomorrow
This is tomorrow today
The magic of things
Voice over
Sad songs
Naked city
mad love
Time of change
Eating the universe
space odysseys
Seen, written
The truth in rented rooms
Some detached houses
Mirror images
Multiple exposure
The spirit in any condition does not burn
Finish fetish
Dream city
And so on
Out of the red
Record again