Yeah :)

Today we fall in love
Cause we can
And we want to
And it is good

There’s nothing about you that’s phoney
Or fake
Or fucked up
you know who you are
And stand by it
In a sweet way
☆ and that’s nice to see
I trust you cause you are who you say you are
And you are who I see
And you are always nice to yourself and to me

That’s how trust is built
Thank you for reminding me
Of what is beautiful
And healthy

I can’t even write this

You’re insane
I’m not a liar
You are.
You like to fight
When you know I’m right
And I took to much this time
Cause I  COULDN’T CARE less
Ha dealing with you
Is like dealing with someone who
Couldn’t care less
Who lies just to save his own
Face from himself
Making shit up
I can’t even see straight
You created a problem
So the problem isn’t you
Even though it really is
And if that’s the kind of person you are
Then maybe you should go away
I didn’t lie about anything
You liar
All I’m doing right now is waiting
I’m not waiting on you
Your problem is a lie
That you live inside your head
It’s not real
It’s a name believe friend
You made up to help you deal
Cause you don’t want to see it feel
What’s real
My problem is caring too much

For too long
About someone like you
You don’t play fair
So I can feel myself fade and I don’t care
to work with someone who
Lies but is never there

Something new

I don’t know
What it is
Maybe it’s something I need
But you
Make me
Feel something good