Yes I’ve been distant

But you should know
You should understand
Or at least empathize
How I must feel
When you add delete
Add delete
At the drop of a hat
At the slightest turn of emotion
That comes at you
That goes through you
From day to day.
You are hot
Jump around
Jump to conclusion
Reading far too much into
My actions
My current condition
All of me right now
you take wrong
You take too personal
You abuse
I can’t trust that.
Trust is built
And so are relationships
And so is the kind of love
You want
But don’t have the patience for
Actually building
Romantic love
Grows with time
And grows only if you allow and accept and show love
Especially showing it at times when you aren’t getting exactly what you want
But real love isn’t just about what you want
And when you add
Then delete again because you’re not getting exactly what you want
(When I’m giving as much as I can Right now)
You have already gotten rid of me first
You have pushed me away
And I don’t try to have something more with someone who already cut me down to less
That’s why
I keep my distance now 
I don’t feel like you give me a reason to try so hard
Don’t add just to delete
And expect me to stick around

kyoko cole art

the last thing i’ll ever write about you

via burning of the midnight lamp- the owl of minerva: the last thing i’ll ever write about you.


in passing through the night
through the dark
it only takes a moment for you to pull me in—
this isn’t something i asked for
or maybe i did (long ago)
but i didn’t ask for you
and i didn’t want to feel this now
i’m thrown into this
i feel myself falling in
falling for
i feel myself wanting more
but tonight is the end
you know-this is where i stand
with my heart in my hand….
with my soul on my sleeve
it is now time for me to leave
– all i can do
all i can say
my words  – my feelings
will too soon fade away
this is the last thing i will ever write about you.

-kyoko cole 2008



the ghost of my friends

This is not a prison.

This is a trap.

I am the bait.


Having balls is a good thing
having raw passion is a good thing and a rare thing.
To have both passion AND balls is what makes someone great.
I miss the great ones

I miss the lovers
and the dreamers/creators
I miss the artists
I miss the tortured souls- the poets…the journeymen …
and I mean the real ones
the real risk takers
the real love makers
the ones that do what they were born to do
unafraid of being who they really are
the ones that live for what they love
and the ones that love to love.
it has nothing to do with image
and everything to do with heart and soul
and pure being
I miss the truth in them
I miss their passion
I miss having them around
I miss them knocking at my bedroom window at 3am
driven by desire
driven by love
and…That feeling –
that wonderful feeling of hope and wonder
and the excitement in life and love
I miss the fire


-kyoko cole  2008

in between the moon and you

we retreat now
you and i
are –

people in
we lay low
in the dark

can’t talk
to you
can’t talk to me
as it goes 

like we are
like we were
like we sometimes
always seem to do

when time trips
and slips
and fades to
and through
in front of
sometimes always behind
me and you

we are like the moon
in retrograde.

-kyoko cole 2013




skin touching skin
i let you in
silly goose

jump rings 

tracing over

Body parts and things 

and ever-so-slowly

the light trace
of fingertips
excites me

In the most beautiful way