Flake and bake

Shake the negs away
Shake the negs away
Shaken not stirred
Is the way to get blurred
By everyone else
who’s disappointment the peg on you
Gotta get some peace of mind
Yes peace of mind
Peace out

by kyoko cole


You’re the pot I’m the kettle

Blacktea Blues

Black Forever onto

the step of my rope 

One whiff 

of it all 

One sniff of glue

I just got to you

Black velvet underground 

And no sound 

like the one I was just in

The air has gotten thin

The only way to begin

 is to find a way to get out 

I don’t have any plans for the late reply  

The whole time I was having a good time 

Without you 

I don’t know 

what you want 

you like to be with you 

Black mirror of my dreams 

we kissed at the end of it all

and the rest of the road 

I still don’t have to ever see 

 time it was 

Time spent without you 

Without me

a bit like the last time 

A few years before 

A few years too soon 

Black is Forever to me please 

Black is Forever to you 

I don’t have the time to get it my way 

I just wasn’t a good reason 

to be with you 

Cause you let me know 

how much you like to stop 

So I can’t wait to get out if it all

I can’t wait to be the stranger stranger 

Thought a lot was more than most 

But it’s all a big mess up

You like to dress up as something else 

All the nights in my house 

Everyone saying same thing

 At the same time 

This was not a hit 

 Not a big deal 

 if we are not one 

We are but two

All black and blue 

While the Streets of them 

Keep going

Young people cross the seas 

Gather in the middle of nowhere

Back in Forever and nothing Black 

Along with the dogs

Still in the middle of few 

In the middle of black 

This is nothing new 

Dark and emptied 

Just the same as you 

Just the same as is was

Is Forever true

My love

I know I wasn’t very good to you
Or me
But I want to be
But can’t
When you are the way you are now
But you were my first real love
And I wanted you to be
The one to grow old with me
Now it seems
Like I’ll grow old
I’m sorry
But I won’t live my life
Always being sorry
For things I cannot change now
And you cannot let go
Love can grow
If you want it to
If you let it
But I can’t make you
Be the way you were
And have us be the way it was
It will never be that way again
Only can it be something better
Or not anything at all
And right now
You don’t care
If I fall
I guess
I need to go away
And maybe we’ll meet again
(In another life where we come back as cats)
I love you more than you will ever know
More than I show

by kyoko cole

pop! goes the ego!

pop those pills
with popular fills
And all the cheap thrills
to fill yourself
Up on
Pop those pills
it’s your ego that kills

all for the cool
all for the sake of
the image
you fake
as you drop names
And you play games
Gotta go
gotta feed your ego
gotta feed your beast

coast your way up
as you boast your way through
To the top of nothing
the nothing that’s you

c’mon baby

i know
sometimes it’s me
but i like you
and you’re worth it

i gotta let it in
(let you in)
and let it go
(let fear go)
and give up
the fight or flight
shit i do
that is never right
and never good
and never works out for me
this time
i want it
to be different
and as good as it can be



Check yourself

Your tone
Ain’t so fucking sweet
So maybe you should hear it
The way others do
And change your tone first
Before expecting others to

by kyoko cole