You give me fever

💚 💛
Okay. Not too much
I just smile a lot when we’re together



Bad kisser

My only regret
is that I did not forget
You sooner
Than this
the only thing I truly miss
Was my idea of you
But not really you at all


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Fuck you

I really miss you
Why should I?
Cause you were once really fucking cool
And now you’re not
To me anyways
I’ve been good up until now
I don’t know why
It made me kinda sad 
I wish you were here with me
Getting a beer
This post sucks
And I don’t even care

Don’t need you to be in love

Thinking about everything you said
Makes me question you
Even as a friend
Cause you can’t deal with anything that’s not easy
So why should you get any of the fun
You’re flick of the switch from on to off
Makes me see
a side that most of us hide behind having fun
I don’t trust it
I don’t know it
And I’m sure if you gave more than a crumb of yourself to anyone
and they responded the way you did
It would break your heart

I don’t care if you feel the same
Actually I’m pretty okay that you don’t
Cause i don’t want to have to feel for someone who doesn’t know how to deal
With emotions and people who deserve a little better
Than what you give

Maybe you don’t  think anyone deserves anything unless you’re in love or unless you’ve known them as friends
But we crossed a line
That I wish we didn’t
What I see from you now
Is not the qualities I seek
But I’ve been attracted to
The kind of people who aren’t really there or aware of themselves
But can see and judge others
And lack the sensitivity
Until they are the one who’s ignored
I can feel myself change
As I look for people who are able to be open and give more of themselves and love
You deserve to be happy
But I gave the wrong person too much of myself
I care and love you
But I know what I don’t need to ever be okay with again
Go get what your heart wants
You do not make me feel safe 
Or secure
As friends and as more
You were not clear
Get that clear
Before you get angry
At someone who had the balls to say something
I won’t ever say to you again

You taught me that some people give way more back
When you don’t give them the time of day
And you treat them like they need

the girl from my bedroom

His fate faints before the faulty chapter.
lacking substance
blowing smoke rings around the bend
trying to find meaning where there is none
We are closer now to the end

The water absorbs an exotic teapot behind the badge.
A wound papers a surviving commentator.
The storm trails throughout the brick.
The shifting mayor originates beneath his fourth wife.
Its joined fossil flips behind the unwilling fever.
Why won’t he believe?
Revenge collapses next to desire.
The street reflects the absent spirit
A musician loses
the sabotage underneath the vice
Will a gibberish struggle?
the silence sneaks beneath him
As his sweat rearranges the sky.
The defense trips?
The defensive slips
as the blood drips
The bible shares the leaded performance before your ignorance.

This generation is sick

Digital clock
Digital age
On to the next
With the swipe of a page
I don’t need or want
another app
to feed or fill the emotional gap
This is not truth this is not the way
we are just further removed and further away

From.what really matters
And what does not matter at all
So much of us is spent
Behind the wall
We give meaning to the  meaningless
The people we don’t know
We try to impress
just for ego and for show
The lack of real
you can really feel.
Behind the faces
Behind the screens
Behind the smoke
Until everything is just a joke
The more we have
The less we hold
The way it is
Is gettin old
where it is
Is not where it’s at
And Who I am
Wants none of that


I will not
have you
Act like you did nothing
But be clear
About something
That was never clear
I will not
Have you
Matter to me
More than I matter to you
I will look at this
And see it for what it is
And look at you and see you for how you are
And i will remember this
And not ever be confused in thinking that your actions before were what they OBVIOUSLY are not now
Maybe someday you might see things from my side
But I don’t need to be close
To something that is so far away
To someone who closes me off
I don’t need to be anything or anyone
That means nothing
To you

i lost respect for you

i made a mistake

in thinking you were something or someone you’re not

i’m sorry for that.

i did not wish for any of this

but this is what happens ???

when i say how i feel

no – not with most people

not with people who care

about me about this and about how this will be

people who care
dare to show it
and not blow it
or trash it away
by not saying anything or reaching out at all

no follow up, no letter, no email, no call

i can read the writing on the wall

your silence says it all

Regrets? No

I think if you told someone you love them
I would hope that they wouldn’t
ignore you
Cause it would break your heart
But I guess for some
It’s okay
To throw a person away
Like they don’t matter
And so.on and so.forth
Until it happens to them someday

Thank you lovers who love
For.being so brave
That you can say ‘I love you’
and be strong and still have love
When the person you love doesn’t love you back
don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t make the time to show you care or compassion
What you feel they will feel from someone someday
But you will have moved on to much.better things by the time they do
I love the lovers who can love
And live with an open heart

I can sit and cry for the last time for you

At a table
In a restaurant
Across from you
And pour my fucking heart out
Like it was on the menu
For such a price
It isn’t set
But it’s worth just as nice
As you would ever expect it
Even if not now 
Some how
I’ll move on
you don’t give me much choice
and I wish you did
cuz I loved you
it takes balls to say I love you
you might know
I don’t know
who knows
you show it sometimes
when you feel like it
when it’s easy
But I think I’ve learned my lesson this time not to say I won’t give my heart away again
I won’t give my heart to you
again cause i know you’ll never feel it unless you do
when you do
And when you do it’s too late
I just wish you loved me
Like I love you
And right now there’s nothing more to say
Cuz you’re not saying anything really makes me want to stay I hope you find happiness
I know you will
I love you and I always will
the end