Please just stop. 
You’re too much sometimes…


To him

I’m left without a reason
To love
To trust

You do nothing to maintain it
And the way you leave me
Is not any way to leave someone you love
But it’s my own choice now
To believe in something i do not see
Or to see what the truth that is in front of me
Which is the lack of you
And i deserve more
Than somebody who is not fully there
People leave you cause you leave them first.  Emotionally and physically vacant
Is worse Than being dead
You’re don’t need love of sweetness cause all you do is take it for granted and trash whoever you got it from
Like nothing
It means nothing to you
Until you mean nothing ever again to them.

Don’t really care about what you say

Just do what you do at the strip club
Cause I wouldn’t consider you
I wouldn’t date you
When you do what you do
Don’t fill my ears with bullshit
Don’t act like you’re better than how you are
I can’t be nice to you
When you disrespect me the way you do




there’s no other way

there’s no other way
and no other day
to say
all the things
i would, would not
and could never say
but now i need to go away
i really did try
day after day
just to get by
some things are for letting go
some things we must learn to let die


I really love you

And appreciate you
All of you

Thank you for this life and everything I’ve known and loved and experienced..

I used to feel

Like this before
But I never wanted to feel like this
From you



I guess we never were