Memories that smell like gasoline

Out of the red

Waist down

skirt around

and flirt the hurt down

Paste it onto

an album
that plays around

An old familiar sound

The Torn down pages
of a beat down life
that can’t be found

Many In the streets
Fake the funk
full of junk
to fill you up
With make believe
as they Make it up
bitterSweet Buttercup
Sell yourself


As someome else
Churn it in
And turn it into
Anything else
Anything other than truth

weeping at your face

I can’t replace

What is now long gone

Waves of static
Take the place

And stretches the space

That lies
Between me and you


Fly by Night

You’re acting shady

Always got something better to do 

And better ain’t that at all 

If you fall 

I won’t answer your call 

Next time around 

Cause you’re even more 

Of what you were trying to get away from 

You’re known for being that guy 


Something’s up 

You’re in the shade 

And I’m starting to feel a bit played 

Whatever it is 

You always get caught up 

In the Bullshit 

In the next thing 

Your next fling 

And everything else falls down

You pick and choose what kind of person is you 

And what you do 

Do it without me then 

I’m not sad to see you go 

I sat and waited. 

I love you  for all the things no one else would ever love you for 

I know this cause of your history 

And you got a long rap sheet 

Of shit 

That makes it hard not to think twice

But I never did 


I had to 

Until you were hateful 

Until you made me believe 

I was something 

I never was 

That I never could never be…

That something that maybe you were 

That you still are 

Or  maybe it’s your greatest fear  

Who knows 

I don’t know 

I no longer care 

To try so hard to understand 

And figure out 

I used to care 

But I can’t anymore 

cause I never want to be in the hole 

That you’re down in…

And I never want to love  somebody so much that I forget to love myself 

You made me that way 

It’s not blame  

I don’t  blame you 

I allowed it 

But it is the truth

Your intentions were never good 

You had bad intentions all along 

You were all about what you could get out of it 

Maybe not monetary things 

But much deeper things that are sick and twisted 

And that I could never be a part  of 

You have an evil way about you 

No spiritual person 

No person in tune or “zen”

Could ever  have 
You are not above it 

You are below it.

And i still have love for you 

Cause I hope that someday you will learn to love 

But it won’t be with me 

And I don’t  think it will be in my lifetime 

And I no longer care to see it or know it or know you 

You have taught me that some people don’t have love in them 

Like I do. Naturally 

I tried to give it 

I tried to show it 

But some people no matter how much you try 

Don’t  care to see 

Cannot see

And I can’t care to change what I cannot change 

Goodbye to you 

For now I’m finally glad to see you go