I had to

Say goodbye
You don't understand
And you don't want to try to keep me now
And I will never go back there again


Someday never comes 

Busted pieces 

Faulty parts 

Dead eyes 

Cold hearts

There’s no use in trying 

To save what’s sunk

There’s no use in holding 

On to what’s junk  

The city of stars 

Is under a starless sky 

The city of sunshine

Is where light comes to die 

It’s a fraud 

It’s a fake 

It’s the kind of city that will make 

And break 

You into the worst 

But first 

It will take 



It will blind you 

With the illusion 

And then fill you up with confusion 

Until you 

are no longer you anymore 

Love means nothing Here 

It’s just a word people throw around and use 

 and abuse. 

There’s no use in trying 

There is no use in trying 

-Kyoko Cole 2017