Is anyone out there like me?

It may be

That I don’t want to see

All the things I see

And maybe I don’t want to be

This person who is me

Who am I anyway?

Am I just what others say?

Or maybe just yesterday I meant something

To you

But not today

Today we’re through

maybe I don’t want to feel

Everything I thought was real

Perhaps you feel quite alright

With throwing me away tonight

With doing things that hurt me more

With all of me you choose to ignore

And maybe I don’t want to stay

Maybe I don’t want to play

This stupid game

this stupid me

Maybe I just want to be


From living

This stupid life

Maybe I don’t want the strife

It hurts my heart

To have to defend

What most of you can’t comprehend

Or Maybe I just can’t

And don’t want to pretend

Maybe I just want the end

-kyoko cole


All things must die

“Weed me

Or feed me.”

Says the grass in the back yard

“you don’t need me anymore”

And I sit and smoke my cigarette

And I think to myself

The grass has a point

Spoiled little child

Just another day

just another miss

Miss Take


Or don’t

I’m A


I am

Miss break

And I am broken

I am

Miss and diss

Just Dismiss


Miss and

Miss me later

Too late or never

you have already dismissed me

After you pulled me in

and I don’t even know where to begin


So I won’t

After so many times

I’ve been hurt like this before

I can’t take any more

As you continue to just carelessly ignore


who trusted in you

to not fuck with my heart

To not tear it apart

But you did it anyways

But I can’t make you understand

You don’t

And you won’t

Until you the day you do

But I won’t be there

To hold your hand

Or to understand you

And until that day

You’ll go on living

Without having a clue

Your music suffers cause

You have not

You don’t know anything about pain

About struggle

About love

About what it means

To die inside

While your body

Is still alive

But that’s all I have ever known

And I shared that with you

And all you did was

Use me

And treat me like someone who didn’t matter enough

To keep around

Kicked me down

Like trash

If you don’t feel me now

Just wait

Cause you will.

But it will be too late