Noise noise and more noise

I can read between the lines

I can read the language you don’t speak in words

The writing on the wall is very clear

If you wanted to

You would be


Big man

Little man

Where do you stand

Little boy

I wasn’t made

For you

to be your little toy

When you come down

If you ever really do

Blabber and smoke

Treating everything

Like it’s one big joke

Laugh it up

Laugh out loud

And while you’re at it

Act so proud

Who you trying to fool


Or the crowd?

Maybe both

In the sky above

On the ground below

Who you really are begins to show

And it hurts only cause I let you in

I’m pretty sure lying

Is a Cardinal sin

Where does the false you end

And the real you begin?


Next time you hear about me

It will be because I’m happy and married and with someone who treats me like I matter

And you

Will always be alone


Cause of your doing

You don’t know what appreciation is and how gratitude feels

All you want to do is trash any good I’ve given you

And you’re not fair

And I don’t like the way you’re treating me

Right now

So this time you lose

I’m sorry but I tried

More than anyone ever has and ever would and now

You don’t get anything from me

You made me feel like less of a person just cause you’re a piece of shit

I hope when karma comes around to You

It hurts like hell cause that’s what you’ve done to everyone.

You don’t need to know your history to know that you’re the problem. Always have been

Always will be.

Goodbye for good.

Compunction junction

Regret and grief


On the street

Of my mind

And my heart

Crossing paths

They often crash

Into each other

Or clash

From opposing views

It’s the same old news

But if you could think and feel

How I think and feel

It might reveal

to you

Something you never knew

Maybw you just don’t want to know

Cause it would break your heart

When the one you love is broken…

He’s broken and I tried

And now he’s left me

Broken too

Why do I bother

He never did

He never does

He just acts like he is the only one who matters in this world

And all the love i had for him

Never mattered

He trashes

Like someone trashed him

Thank you for passing that down

I hope the next girl is much better

Cause obviously I never was

And I never will be now…

Kiss me like the ocean breeze

There’s nothing in my dreams

Just some ugly memories

From the heart

Just love me

Or don’t.

I’m not okay

But I am

The greater spirit

My guiding light

Show me something

Make me believe

Prove me wrong.


I’ll fall in love again

So will you

And it will be terrible…


Kill me

If you just wanted me out of your life

You can be a man and say so

And not play all these stupid games.

I always wanted you there

I didn’t leave you.

You left me.

January 2019

I’ll just have to love you from a distance now. I hope everything works out for you

en attendant de nous revoir

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Don’t you worry your ugly little head

I got enough pills

For the kills

Hey but you get your kicks and thrills

On taking your shit out

On me

And if it’s not me

It’s someone else

Which is not cool

But it ain’t my fight to fight

And I ain’t got the right

To play god

When he doesn’t exist

But what does is the evil

That LIES inside of you

Whoever the fuck you are

Whoever the fuck I was

You’ll never know again