Do you want me to take

Your distespect and rage?

Be nervous and scared to say a peep

afraid to speak up

Cause you made me that way

Even when you’re cutting deep?

And throwing a fit

It’s not okay to lose your shit

I love you

But you have to show some respect

pick and choose your battles

And know the difference between

a full on war

And just A little spat

But it can never be just that

with you

It is always a full force attack

A knife in the back

This shit is whack

It’s okay to not get along

Or disagree

Without it always having to be

so final

So fatal

So mean

It’s not just black and white

It doesn’t always need you to fight

And lose sight

If what’s important and good

Just because your ego gets in the way

I want to stay


But it can’t be just me

Trying all the time

And then getting beat down

By the hate that takes over you

I wish you knew

How it feels to deal with you that way

I can only do so much

When you don’t do anything to make it right

Right now

But you can’t treat me like that

And expect me to keep on trying all the time for it to get worked out when you don’t try at all.

What if i acted the way you did to you and you were me?

I wonder if you would finally see

How it feels

What it’s like

And focus on all the things we have that’s good

Instead of looking for what’s wrong or bad

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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