Let me get this straight

You hate me

Because I won’t apologize

For something I didn’t do

Just because you can’t admit

(For once)

That there’s a possibility that you could be wrong.

And on top of that I’m the fucked up one

While you call me names and put me down

You call me a liar and talk shit

Though I have never left your house before without saying goodbye

So why would I do it now?

Then you come by and demand an apology from me – for the false reality you believe after you’ve called me names -cut me down and told me to fuck off –

And when I stand my ground (which you would do if the other way around)

You just leave

And I’m the one who’s in the wrong ?

If you wanted this to work

There’s a much more effective way to handle this

But it seems like you would rather blame me for everything

It also seems like you can’t admit fault or the possibility of fault on your part


And I’m not going to lie just to please your ego and keep you around.

If I left without saying anything then I would own it and later tell you why I did

I wouldn’t lie and go through all of this

Cause I do want you in my life

But not if I have to compromise myself and lie and confess to something I didn’t say – just to make you feel okay

The things you say and believe just to protect your ego – is crazy

And the worst part is – i can’t talk to you about this without you getting enraged and belittling me and storming off.

Your ego won’t allow you to ever admit you might be wrong

And there is no growth in that.

There is no self awareness when your ego stands in the way

I shouldn’t have to pay

For something I didn’t do

How could i be with you?

When you can never say sorry

Or take accountability for your actions

When you have the belief you can never be wrong.

I’m here if you decide to change.

Maybe then we can be friends

I’m tired of always being the bad guy (girl)

You can blame.

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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