but he can’t be a man cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me

walking through the store
couldn’t carry anymore
couldn’t care any less
as i do right now

in some other life
i took a knife
and carved 2 names on a tree

To preserve the time of we

Many moons ago when it was just you and me

And the cats

To see the  names and remember the life

We lived long before this

And remember the love

We both miss 

Over a life time ago

We knew someday we would meet again 



You hurt me

By being you

I’m not about any of this

And i feel

Like a child

Who doubles as a punching bag

For sport

For fun

For game

That you don’t  even know you play

I don’t wanna win

At your game

I don’t want play

I don’t know who the fuck you are
Right now

But i know that this sucks
And feels like shit
And i want to go away
And not be anything like that to you

Ex wife

Ex wife
Get a life
Of your own



Someone (me)

You don’t know

It’s weird
And creepy
And lame on you

To be so interested in me

Don’t be a troll
That talks shit
Like your opinion actually matters. 
Like you matter… 
Don’t be a catty bitch
I find it amusing
You’re too old to act like you’re in high school. Ha
You’re miserable and unhappy
But that’s your own damn fault

Noise, Noise,and exhaustion

Noise, noise, and exhaustion.

Dark, dusty flowers roughly fight a small, dead cigarette.
Where is the old street?
Shrink quietly like a dark window
Misty, fast streets calmly buy a dry, noisy light.
Talk calmly like a small jackhammer.
Why does the corner walk?
is anything really new?
Noise, noise, and exhaustion.
the night is addicted to you

Noise, noise, and exhaustion.
Noise, noise, and exhaustion.


Been removed
Got replaced
It’s a slap in my face
To have ever have had you at all
In my space
In my world
In my life
Your switchblade
back stab
Cuts me sharp with your knife
You are not great
You are not true
You are not as great or as smart as you think you are
You are just you
And you is not someone I want or need to keep around.

Oh new York

Oh new me
That’s where I want to be… . . Oh yeah


Head through the wall

flight patterns
the magic wears
the feeling dies
nothing left
in his eyes
and many days to think
after days apart
nothing left
inside my heart
that would ever make me
want to start
anything with you ever again
i know not to play with dead things
not to waste time living in the past
that smell of gasoline
avalanche of layered screens
Modulating over and over again
With pointed fingers and fits of rage
You forced me to turn the page
Onto a new day
Onto a new chapter

into a new life
Without you

I have me.


I don’t need your shady messed up shit

What you do
Is ride off the love and energy people give you
You suck them dry
It’s the only way for you to live high
Cause your vibes on your own
Are just too fucked up and low.
But you think you are perfect
And that it’s okay to act the way you do
And you wonder why everyone always abandons you.
The reason is you. 
I don’t need your fucked up inconsistent abusive bullshit. This town has more than enough of people like you.  Take that crap (and you) back to your own hometown

The switch blade cut out

Switch around
Switch a-roo
Who knows which one of the two
Is really you
After a week
After a weak end
After night
After happiness
After a fight

After everything and after nothing at all
After the rise
You bring the fall
A minute
A second
an hour
Just A measurement of time
Is Chump change
For Your heart
For Your love
For your way

To get to me

Your you

to me
I awake
To a feeling
I can’t shake
And the distance between me and
The ever – so – Distant you

Is the longest line in the world
As you flip
Abandon ship
And i’m left
in the dark
There’s nothing true
About this you
I free with space
I don’t want to face
You and your bullshit lies
Your Salesman pitch
Like an itch you can’t scratch
But you can’t ignore
Everything you do
To sell whatever you
You need to sell at the moment
While the real you
Hides behind a big mouth
A big head
And a lot of talk
Big man so Toll
And it means nothing at all
Too much ego
And Not enough love

Wrong time

To give a person space. 
You think you know me
So well
But you really don’t


I want to walk into the ocean
Until it covers me
I don’t want to be
I don’t want to be
Someone like me
I want to disappear from here
Vanish into thin air
No one would care
If i’m not there
Some days
like today
I can’t get out of the deep
Want to go to sleep
Some days
I just want out