This is where the story ends

People I don’t know Places i shouldn’t be The problem is me I wanted you to listen I wanted you to hear I wanted you to care But You’re not here And I’m not there I give up on me Cause that’s what everyone else has done

No reply

You stand there Like a lost child Like someone so out of place Uncomfortable unwanted Uneven You begin to see that YOU ARE THE JOKE and it makes your lips tremble As the lump in your throat Begins to choke The tears out Of your eyes

I know it’s love

From his bed I stare at him His eyes closed and his face beautiful It's all so new But I know that this is love I won't say the words to him yet I won't even say the words out loud To myself Because I'm enjoying the feel Of this feeling I almost forgot was … Continue reading I know it’s love

more alcohol please

weeded my gardeninside and outorganized my closetgot rid of half my clothes i never wore mopped all the hardwood floors made some artmade some craftsmade a mess just to clean it up againmade my bedand now....i don't knowpeople are weirdit's not just the coronavirus that's making this wayit's our timespeople are very selfish and disconnectedwe … Continue reading more alcohol please

What are you?

make up your face and your place somewhere new and go Fake up your graceand fake up your caseand grow up your old ego Slow But it's all for show it's the only way you can goit's the only way you know it's the only way you know this place is full of spies filled with … Continue reading What are you?

Jerk Stain 

Wish I could erase The trace Of you  And your stupid face  I wish I could undo  And replace The space  With someone new  And  lovely.   Someone nothing like you  If you could see yourself  The way others do  You would hate you too

My weak-end blues

Goes a little something like this : Gonna wake up - Just enough To drink myself back to sleep The bottle is my one true friend I can't keep It together I don't know where to start I got the blues With a weak-end And a broken heart I got the blues And it's-a tearin' … Continue reading My weak-end blues

Death is certain

Death is certain And the end is always near Most people living Are dying In some kind of fear Dead men walking Robots talking And I don't want to be a part Of this zombie parade I stare outside at the dead leaves On the unnatural ground They lived more life then most of us … Continue reading Death is certain

Killing trees

Paper plates And landscapes Rain drops too And morning dew All of the things that remind me of you Won't leave me alone Won't go away But I can't keep you If you don't want to stay the dead and I Won't go our separate ways But you do it's easy too Nothing ever sticks … Continue reading Killing trees