we never know

Until it’s too late

Maybe we do

But you never think it will happen to you

Until it does

Then you care










Every ten years

Covered in more fears

Rainy days and Thursdays

Always get me down

Trapped inside this body

Inside this life


All lies




I hope everyone has a very lovely and harmonious Thanksgiving. There’s a lot to be thankful for – even when times are difficult. Give love to the ones you love before it’s too late. Cherish the moments.

Lots of love to all of you


What you don’t understand

I’m not holding on

But I’m not giving up

Without some kind of fight

Because he means something to me

And to a lot of people

And i also mean something to him

When it’s his time

And he wants to go

He will let me know

So don’t get pissed off

At something

You will never understand – Love

Just because you’re fucked up

Doesn’t mean you should be put to death

And just because everyone gives up on you

Doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do

Pain is pain

And if he’s suffering

And i see his quality of life diminish

Then I’ll do what needs to be done

But until then I’m gonna fight for a life that is worthy of living

Funny how we are so quick to put animals out of their mystery

But not people

And the what’s more funny is

People can speak the words that they are in pain and suffering

Animals can’t

We just assume the minute they get sick that they need to be put to sleep

Cause it’s easier for us to do that

Than to deal with something more difficult and someone other than ourselves

I just realized

You are incapable of love

It’s not me

I will forget you.

I will be okay.

nine lives and this one is coming to an end

starts with a cat
or maybe the <a href="http://<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//">booze
either way
i rarely seem to win
yet always seem to lose.
you tingle
and mingle
you have taught yourself to become numb
i stupidly follow
your fucked up trail
the trap you leave
with each crumb.

it starts with a smile
followed by a kiss
but after awhile
it’s only the ghost i miss

some stairs
going up
only leading me down
backwards path
i can’t do the math
but i know
that’s where you go
always way down low
where nothing can grow
a basement
a ditch
a switch
a dungeon
a dark prison vault
a bottomless pit
full of your shit
yet you always make it my fault.

i am not here
nor am i there
i am no longer anywhere
not like you care
if i am or if i’m not
but i got
something in my pocket
and whatever is left in my heart
and that right now
for me…
is a good place to start.
or end…

-kyoko cole



If God exists then why would he/she want us to suffer?

It makes no sense

It’s cruel

And unfair

And I hate this so called God

Or whoever


Is in charge

Of taking


The things ( that aren’t just things)

I love

If there is a God…

Why would you do this?

You have completely destroyed my heart.


Another visit to the vet

Almost 3 am

It doesn’t sound good

Please pray for buster

Send him love and good thoughts and positive energy right now

He means the world to me.

I love you buster.


Can’t wait for you to feel how i feel… And then let’s see how well you handle this shit

I’ve lost way too many this year

To have to deal with this

This breaks my heart






Writings on the screen

Can’t get too close

You always leave me


It is getting on my nerves