if you don’t believe in us

then why should i?

i believe in you

and support so much

and i see the good in us

but i have no room to grow

with the limited amount of space

you allow me to occupy

in your life where you give so many people so much more space

i shrink to my restrictions

you don’t fully give yourself

and it’s making me want to love you

it’s making my love fade and not feel returned or appreciated and nurtured

you don’t have faith

i stop having faith

i wanted to just love you

and jump in

but you hold me back

and keep me down

and there’s no room to grow

with so much of that

and so little of what keeps love alive

allowing it to be as crazy and as passionate and as foolish or smart or whatever it is

without choke hold back

of everything i once felt naturally

you made me think twice about loving you

and just giving you everything so freely

i can’t

i won’t

i want love to

just love


be excited

you ruin that

and now i just need to go

where that fire and love and desire and passion

can live

not where it can be put down and

stuck some place behind

all the things that you care more about than me

i will heal and

find that feeling again some day

and this time

everything else

won’t get in the way

or be an excuse to be anything less

than what

gives it

the life and the chance

to really live

like love should

i’m better with people who think a life together is worth taking a chance

than living a life apart just cause of this that and whatever

that is what keeps us apart

not anything else but all the reasons you can’t or won’t give it your all

i am obviously not for you

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