i’m listening to dylan
freewheelin’ bob dylan
on vinyl
on a really bad ass record player
in my basement
cause it sounds better than any other way
and cause it felt right.

and tonight
i feel a lot
and don’t have it in me anymore
to go on about it the same way
but i will go about it my way
and we all have our own way of mourning
we all have our own way of letting go
or saying goodbye

my way is setting shit on fire
the past is just a goodbye
and the stuff of the past is holding on to the dead the still occupy you brain and heart and life
it lives just by holding on to it
why hold onto the ghost ?
sounds like torture but we do it all the time
i don’t want your picture
i don’t want the letters or notes or gifts from you
way back when
i don’t want any reminder of something that was so quickly cut out of my life
like it meant nothing
so now it means nothing
to set it on fire
and watch it burn
tonight i spent watching it burn away ‘)

unnamed-1 unnamed


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