Yes I’ve been distant

But you should know
You should understand
Or at least empathize
How I must feel
When you add delete
Add delete
At the drop of a hat
At the slightest turn of emotion
That comes at you
That goes through you
From day to day.
You are hot
Jump around
Jump to conclusion
Reading far too much into
My actions
My current condition
All of me right now
you take wrong
You take too personal
You abuse
I can’t trust that.
Trust is built
And so are relationships
And so is the kind of love
You want
But don’t have the patience for
Actually building
Romantic love
Grows with time
And grows only if you allow and accept and show love
Especially showing it at times when you aren’t getting exactly what you want
But real love isn’t just about what you want
And when you add
Then delete again because you’re not getting exactly what you want
(When I’m giving as much as I can Right now)
You have already gotten rid of me first
You have pushed me away
And I don’t try to have something more with someone who already cut me down to less
That’s why
I keep my distance now 
I don’t feel like you give me a reason to try so hard
Don’t add just to delete
And expect me to stick around

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