creative writing

The 7 sins in everyone under the sun

Too much of a good thing
Doesn’t make it good
Fill your lid
Fill your kid
Of shit
A Bottomless pit
In most of everyone
Make it sick
from an over spill
the over kill
Will kill who 

Will kill you first
The rule
You fool
You must drink up
All the shit you think up
You think Is right
Is right for


And you alone 

To get more

You whore
Too much bad
Too much good
Too much sun
Too much fun
Too much of anything

Can make anyone come undone 
Too above
Too below
Too much of Anyone

You think you know 
Will only make you less than better
Less than good
Less than none
And further from yourself

You can  become

Go to a bar
Drink like a fish
Make a wish
Try to kill your thirst
Your hunger
Your hole

Your head


Before it kills you first
Smoke as much or as little as you want
then get yourself home
Fall sleep  stay awake
Not to stop
The Move and shake
Get the fuck away from

 and around
The ones who move and fake and only take take take 
The full round
But act the part and act the sound
too much nothing  is the only thing found 

You show one side 

And hide from the other
anywhere in between
Is less than whole 
You got too much shit

But you got no soul 

Under the sun
Under the gun
It’s never enough
To stop your run

Of something that is no longer even fun 

There’s  too much sin 

in everyone

by kyoko cole

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