creative writing

My love

I know I wasn’t very good to you
Or me
But I want to be
But can’t
When you are the way you are now
But you were my first real love
And I wanted you to be
The one to grow old with me
Now it seems
Like I’ll grow old
I’m sorry
But I won’t live my life
Always being sorry
For things I cannot change now
And you cannot let go
Love can grow
If you want it to
If you let it
But I can’t make you
Be the way you were
And have us be the way it was
It will never be that way again
Only can it be something better
Or not anything at all
And right now
You don’t care
If I fall
I guess
I need to go away
And maybe we’ll meet again
(In another life where we come back as cats)
I love you more than you will ever know
More than I show

by kyoko cole

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