Don’t need you to be in love

Thinking about everything you said
Makes me question you
Even as a friend
Cause you can’t deal with anything that’s not easy
So why should you get any of the fun
You’re flick of the switch from on to off
Makes me see
a side that most of us hide behind having fun
I don’t trust it
I don’t know it
And I’m sure if you gave more than a crumb of yourself to anyone
and they responded the way you did
It would break your heart

I don’t care if you feel the same
Actually I’m pretty okay that you don’t
Cause i don’t want to have to feel for someone who doesn’t know how to deal
With emotions and people who deserve a little better
Than what you give

Maybe you don’t  think anyone deserves anything unless you’re in love or unless you’ve known them as friends
But we crossed a line
That I wish we didn’t
What I see from you now
Is not the qualities I seek
But I’ve been attracted to
The kind of people who aren’t really there or aware of themselves
But can see and judge others
And lack the sensitivity
Until they are the one who’s ignored
I can feel myself change
As I look for people who are able to be open and give more of themselves and love
You deserve to be happy
But I gave the wrong person too much of myself
I care and love you
But I know what I don’t need to ever be okay with again
Go get what your heart wants
You do not make me feel safe 
Or secure
As friends and as more
You were not clear
Get that clear
Before you get angry
At someone who had the balls to say something
I won’t ever say to you again

You taught me that some people give way more back
When you don’t give them the time of day
And you treat them like they need


2 thoughts on “Don’t need you to be in love

  1. george kassabian May 11, 2015 / 3:00 pm

    Nobody should need anybody and no need to be hi school style puppy love style being in love…AFTER 30 SEEKING CARING SPIRITUAL LOVE AND THE ARTS TO GROW AND EXTEND EXISTANCE INTO ANOTHER is to seek, cherish and realize


  2. loricarlson66 May 8, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    Powerful! I have a friend like this… sometimes you just have to let go and walk away. Great poeming!


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