Slipping away

There’s so much I wish I could say
But I know most people don’t care to hear
When they they don’t need to hear it for themselves
They act better than themselves
When they do need to hear it
They want it
They need it
And I give it
Cause I understand that people need love and support even if they don’t understand that other people need it to
Tonight was a complete fuck up
Of fucked up
Tonight was a shit storm
Of shit
But I’m not shit
I’m not fucked
I’m just in a place of better
Loving and living in a place of old
and unhealthy
Time to break the ties
Time to leave the old
Time to let the things the are down
Not bring me down
Not make me feel bad
Or stupid
Cause they are down and stupid
Feeling even if they are not
They are
I have too much good
To let that shit bring me somewhere I’m not anymore.
Good riddance
I wish you the best
Better than you have it now


2 thoughts on “Slipping away

  1. b-side junkie June 2, 2015 / 4:55 am

    This is specific to me right now. I’m not wrong about how I feel.


  2. saint mark the rocktor June 1, 2015 / 6:11 pm

    You are so wrong there is a silent majority of mortals who care bout you as they relate to your innocence…you are sooo fukn wrong


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