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He was a friend of mine

My friend died last Friday
I didn’t get to say goodbye
No one did
He wrote me a few weeks ago
Sent me a picture of this bracelet I made him back when we worked together
He still wore it
And now he’s gone
Just like that
He was there for me when I really needed support and a friend
And he made me laugh and smile
He showed me some compassion and understanding when I needed some because I needed some and because that’s just the kind of person he was.
He showed me that good, kind, loving people still exist in the world
He gave that goodness and kindness and love to so many without ever asking or expecting anything in return
I wish I got to see him
And hang out with him
One last time
I would let him know how much he matters and how appreciative I am and how happy I am to have him as a friend.
I am greatly saddened by his loss
He will truly be missed

R.i.p. Darin
Thank you 💚




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