i wonder why

you think i’m annoying or being dramatic

when i’m just reacting to something that YOU don’t understand

and i think it’s pretty funny (not haha) and lame

that you don’t see how you create a situation that just makes it worse

plus you’re not really there for me like someone who cares for me would be

and that’s enough to say

that’s not what i want

it’s not just me

it’s also you

who can make or break

a situation

why would i care about someone who does not show care for me?

i wouldn’t and i don’t – i just needed to express myself

and remember that people who are really cool and awesome and supportive and care

are the people i want around

at least i see

what works

and what doesn’t and i’m sure

you’ve been that way with others and that’s why it hasn’t worked for you

to me that’s more crazy than how girls are “crazy”

and it’s stupid

and i don’t want stupid people to do stupid things just because they can

on a better note

if this didn’t happen then the other day

then i wouldn’t have felt the way i felt and gone out when i went out

and then i wouldn’t have had that awesome thing happen

which did

and is like so much more awesome

than the situation with you

which would have been a waste of my time in the end – if this is what it’s like from the start

i cannot wait for tomorrow 😉



One thought on “i wonder why

  1. the ‘buy one get one free’ mcdonalds smoothies happy hour m to f 2 to 5 pm is over by now, SO I AM LOOSING INTEREST IN YOUR POETRY (HA HA HA JUST KIDDIN’ AND BEIN’ A CHEAP ARMENIAN…LOVE YOUR POETRY even without any happy hour, or happy ending for that matter) !


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