i love you

i love you

all of you

that i have ever known

ever met

and ever crossed paths with in some way shape or form

the good the bad and the everything

life is too short

sometimes too long

then too short

to forget

to let

pass us by

and a phone call at 3 am

to let me know  i was on your mind

makes me happy

makes me think

that this is all worth it

makes me think

that everyone is worth it

just because we are.

every single one of you

take away the fucked upness

take away the emotion and all the things that interfere  at the time

and remember we are all

just people

trying to get by and live

a life

i love every single one of yous 😉

and i’m happy to have this life

thank you and good night

images wpid-fb_img_1433252247824.jpg


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