The switch blade cut out

Switch around
Switch a-roo
Who knows which one of the two
Is really you
After a week
After a weak end
After night
After happiness
After a fight

After everything and after nothing at all
After the rise
You bring the fall
A minute
A second
an hour
Just A measurement of time
Is Chump change
For Your heart
For Your love
For your way

To get to me

Your you

to me
I awake
To a feeling
I can’t shake
And the distance between me and
The ever – so – Distant you

Is the longest line in the world
As you flip
Abandon ship
And i’m left
in the dark
There’s nothing true
About this you
I free with space
I don’t want to face
You and your bullshit lies
Your Salesman pitch
Like an itch you can’t scratch
But you can’t ignore
Everything you do
To sell whatever you
You need to sell at the moment
While the real you
Hides behind a big mouth
A big head
And a lot of talk
Big man so Toll
And it means nothing at all
Too much ego
And Not enough love


One thought on “The switch blade cut out

  1. jackcollier7 February 18, 2016 / 12:36 am

    Brilliant, and that is such a good word…


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