I got love but not from you

Your words

Are just that


You didn’t learn the meaning behind them

and by using them on someone like me

Who’s been fucked with

You fucked with me some more

I’ll never trust you

And what you say don’t matter

Cause your actions show me

How little your words are backed up

Today was not the day

To do this

I’ve had my lows

But today after last night

Is making me see

How ugly people really are

And how mean they choose to be

You never gave a shit about me


I love yous

I cross out in my head and in my heart

should’ve known better

Never to start

Something with someone like you

You’re not good enough for me

You’re just like every other person

Who chooses to live at a bar

No more drunks

No more fucked up people

No more stupid lies

No more cries

To someone with deaf ears

You can be the same shit you were and the same shit you are

and the same shit you will always be

But you don’t have me



You don’t deserve it

You deserve to be treated like nothing back

So nothing you are.

Have fun at the bar.


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