Two days later

Everything goes away so quickly here

Why the hell wouldn’t I doubt

What it is

You’re all about

Feels unsafe

After you made me feel secure

Now I’m left to feel unsure

It doesn’t make you think

It doesn’t make you care

Or maybe you just pretend

To be so unaware

So I stop


Of what we have ( had)

As more

Cause how would it feel

For me to ignore



Whatever you want

To do

And I’m just someone

You want around when it’s fun

But that is why

I need to be done

It’s not nice

It’s not love

It’s not putting in

Anything good

When you could

Maybe you should

Be the better one

If you’re so much better than me

But without real care

You wouldn’t even care

To see

And that hurts

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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