It’s not blame

I’ve tried so hard to understand you

You don’t know

Cause I think about it when I’m alone

And I’m alone a lot

Like right now

You don’t even try to understand me

You tell me I’m just making A big deal

Or you tell me how I feel

That doesn’t support

That invalidates

And why the hell

Would I feel anything but bad

When you do the things

That would make anyone sad

What I do

Isn’t blame

For that I have myself

What I do is share

How you can make me feel sometimes

So maybe you would be more aware

But you aren’t

Cause you don’t care

To see anything wrong with you

You only want to see what’s wrong with me

And I know already what my problems are

But why

Do you have

To make me feel worse

By doing something you know makes me feel worse.

Cause I’ve told you it makes me feel worse

And you just do them

Like nothing

I feel like nothing right now

You aren’t my only reason

For why I want to give up

But you’re adding to it

By not even trying to see my side of things

And my side does matter

But not to you

Not to many

And giving up

Seems so much more loving

Than having to feel

The way you’re reaction or lack of reaction

Is making me feel right now

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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