Dead man barely walking

You’re a dead man

Barely walking

Stupid talking


Then so emotionless

You cause yourself a lot of stress

By the shit you say

And say

Over and over again

but never do

You play the part

Like you got a clue

But then you act out

And show everyone you don’t

You don’t back that mouth up

You are too weak to change

No care to care about

Anyone or anything

Not even yourself

You only care to defend what makes you wrong

Same old story

Same old song

No one wants to hear your words

No one wants to see your face

While you chase

the ugly dragon

Waste your life


The same old circle

Again and again

Never getting anywhere

You’re head

Up in the clouds

You’re a dead man

Barely walking

Barely there

Shitty attitude

For a shitty you

And that’s the you

You have decided to choose

Matter over mind

Drugs over friends

Over music

Over living

Over you

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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