That’s all the time I have

Years ago

You had light

And you made me believe

In myself

You got me excited about what was possible

With my art

With many different ideas

With life

Fast forward to now

And it was all talk

You’re a flake

And a liar in some ways

I wouldn’t have to call you

When I’ve been waiting on you

For years now

To produce something that actually does something and gets somewhere


You don’t take this or me seriously

All your talk talk talk

Was nothing more than a bunch of fluff

And frankly I’m better off doing it on my own

Or with someone who actually has the balls

To back it all up.

I’ve had a lot ofpatience for you to get out of your hole you’ve dug drugged yourself in

But your talk talk talk with no follow through

Has made me lose my patience

You’re not who I thought you were

Not anymore anyways.

And now he it is 4:30 pm

Almost time for me to bust my ass off at work

And I got nothing from you

I’m not saying a damn thing anymore

You should know better

But you just act like you don’t

Take a real good look at yourself

How could any person want to work with you when YOU REFUSE TO WORK AT ALL

Go waste someone else’s time getting wasted

You don’t learn

And you don’t see

i put trust in you

Believed your words

While you were just foolin’ me

This time it’s gonna take a lot more than your Bullshit words (that don’t mean much anymore cause you always say a lot of what you never do)

For you to convince me

To trust you

Grow up

Get a job

Get a life.

Stop talking

Unless you mean what you say

But I can’t waste my life away

waiting for you to come around some day

You don’t take what I love seriously

You dint even respect yourself

So don’t be a fake

Be the flake

That you have become

That is who you are now

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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