I only miss your good side

Especially when I’m miserable living here.

But you don’t give a fuck about how I feel

You always got to make it about you

Like I’m up to no good and i love it here and blah blah blah

If you only knew

How much I want out right now

Maybe you would think twice about acting the way you do

Cause I’m not happy here

I can’t afford moving out – it’s so expensive now

And I’m sad that you aren’t the loving person I thought you were

You’re not even strong enough to deal with the truth

You gotta make up lies just to justify treating me like dirt /like nothing

Well I guess I’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t even know or care to know the truth

I hate it here

And I hate that you are so fucked up to see

How much I really needed you

To make things feel somewhat OK

You’re evil

You are exactly the kind of person you keep saying I am

And the kind of person

Everyone who has something going for them – should stay away from

The good you gave was fake

You’re a fake

You’re a liar

And for someone who talks about how important giving their word is and following through is-

You sure as hell don’t practice what you preach

All you did was make me feel bad for things that I don’t even do


And you’re so narrow minded to even look beyond what WHAT YOU BELIEVE is right that you won’t even take in to consideration that you could be very very wrong

You have no humility

You have no grace

You’re just another mouth

On a forgotten face

Always running away

Cause you’re afraid

I’m not evil

But if it helps you sleep at night to think I am

Then you’re a pussy

Who’s so scared of being hurt you have to believe these lies and stories you create in your head

If anyone is a waste of space

It’s you

Cause you really don’t think you have to change

And you really don’t care to

You just want to continue to be the way you are… Blaming others

Finding fault in the people who actually loved you

And running away from your problems that you create

That’s not living

That’s just being a shitty person


But you’re blind

And will lose out in the end

Cause I’ve lost love for you

And rightfully so

You gave me nothing good to hold on to

But a few really nice times when you actually allowed yourself to be loved and be loving


But that’s so rare

Most of the time you’re angry or barely there

So you win

You have beat my love for you out

To the point where I hardly care

Cause I see how little you do / how little you’ve done

that’s worth caring about

All you care about is protecting your little fragile self – so much that you end up hurting the ones who actually love you –

What a sad person you have become. And that you can’t blame on me

I will never let you in my heart again

You only know how to destroy

Or abandon everything you create.

Yeah you’re a good man. Ha. Yeah right.

You’re a dead beat person to everyone.

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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