A rant. Needed to get sometime off my chest



Mean and hurtful words

Name calling

Expecting more

Then they’re willing to give

Doesn’t know the meaning of loving someone unconditionally

Changes the rules to fit whatever works for them and then only



Doesn’t follow through




Is unfair

Is unkind

Is mean

Is untrustworthy with actions words and behavior

Unable to see themselves the way others do

Unable to go get professional help

No self control over the things that actual need it

No appreciation for peoples time she effort and feelings.

Abandons never says sorry

Is inconsistent in everything said and done

And I’m not the only one

Who has felt

His crazy

Delilusionsal side.

His games

His excuses

His childish ways

Get old


Talking with a friend today

About this

And she said everything a already no know.

He’s just no good

Because HE chooses to be no good

Not because he’s around women that only see the bad but because they actually sees his bad. And there’s a lot.

He would always threaten me with dating someone else or how he could get someone better or with some other loser chicks naked pics on his phone.

And there’s so much more

Why would I ever want to be with him.

Yeah maybe his good side was good and we had great times

But that never lasted.

The last time he went off on me was because I was at work and I texted him. He didn’t reply so I went home to get some things I needed for the next day and he got pissed and told me not to go over cause he was at some urge girls house (which was A lie- I think but who fucking knows)

Theb he called me the worst things imaginable.

All one day after saying to each other we were going to start all over and let the past be the past and not get so angry and vengeful.

I tried all I could for the next day

Only to have him NOT TRY AT ALL

More name calling

More games

More anger

More lies

And I sill tried

So if he ever wonders why

I’m no longer here

It’s cause no one would put up with that kind of abusive behavior

Why would I want to?

It’s shit

And someone much better for me

Will show me much more than he

Could ever show

I don’t want someone who doesn’t even care

To grow

As a person in the best ways he can

He is a sad and lonely man

Who had my love

Until he kept fucking it up

And not he has nothing of me

And I ain’t ever going back

He’s too old to actually change.

And I don’t give a fuck

Cause I know that my love was true

And everyone knows he just took me for granted

Like he does with so many other things

I’m sick

I’m sick

And i don’t need someone so stupid and blind


Who would actually want that kind of a “man ”

I’m better off taking a Chance on someone new

Anything is better than him



(Everything you were afraid of

Is now coming true

Thanks to you)

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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