if i could i would

there comes a point

when there is no point

to any of this anymore

all it does is show me

you are no good

you don’t know how cruel you can be

you don’t know or care what you do and have done to me

i give up

i’m tired

i’m sick

of the cruel hearted

like you

the departed

but still alive enough to

spread your ugly evil around

close minded

not listening

to any truth (your truth is faulty cause of the holes in your brain)

but talking and fighting over lies

i guess you don’t realize

what you have done to my heart

to my soul

to by will

and that’s enough

for me to kill


like you killed my soul

and abused my heart

that’s enough to make me

it’s time for me to part

i leave this world

for you because of you

you love to destroy everything in your path

with every ugly mean word you say

with all of your wrath

you are a cruel cruel fool

you can forget about me now

you can forget

and let yourself believe

everything was me

and i’m the one to blame

it’s such a shame

that’s the only game you know how to play

instead of doing things a better way

it’s past that point

where i want to try

don’t ask me why

when you know

it’s you that pushed me

just to see if you could

i’ve been searching for a way

to get through this low

to get out of the negative

you make people feel

want to talk about something that is real

you won’t get another chance

cause i’m not living this another day through

you can’t even see how much hurt you do

when all i ever did was love you

but the more i loved you and the more i tried

the less you did

until a part of me died

now it will be all of me

you will never have to see me again

the last words you ever said to me

were fuck you

i hate you


now you know why i hate me too

it’s done. it’s over. i’m not here anymore. you lose.
any place will be better than living with a hateful destructive person like you.
i hope someone makes you feel exactly how you made me feel and it makes you have the balls to actually kill yourself too.

but i won’t be on the other side waiting for someone like you

ever again

thank you booze and thank you for all the pills in the world

so i can go to sleep and never wake up again.

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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