I don’t want you. I don’t need you.

I don’t need you.

I lost myself for a bit cause I loved you

But you do everything that goes against what makes a healthier relationship and things that go against my standards

-you don’t communicate in a way that is clear and constructive

-you get angry at everything you don’t like for reasons I don’t understand

  • when you get angry you put me down, call me names like stupid and crazy

-you ignore me and turn everything around even your bad behavior so that it’s my fault. You make me expressing my feelings like I’m wrong for having them or I’m wrong for expressing them. Even even I’m calm and just ask a question you blow up and disrespect me on a level that is unacceptable

-you don’t show you care. You don’t think of me or want to spend money on me like gifts or things like that. I always offer to /pay for things cause I want to. I buy you gifts and things that I think you’ll enjoy cause I want to. I never make you feel bad for all the money I’ve spent on you cause I like doing those things for someone I love. when you do spend some money on me you always have to bring it up and complain about how much money you spent on this or that and that’s not the kind of man I want. Cheap men or men who don’t value my worth or do nice things just because are not worthy men.

  • you make up stories or beliefs about me that aren’t true and treat me badly cause of these fictional beliefs. You think I’m always trying to be with someone else cause I’m friendly and I’m a bartender. I have both male and female friends you are allowed to meet and be a part of. You keep all your female friends hidden when I’m around yet when I’m not around they are.You’re trying to make me insecure cause you are and I deserve better

-you don’t try. You can never admit when you’re in the wrong and you don’t try to change. You think the way you are is fine and in a relationship it’s not.

  • i was always the one to fight for our relationship cause you give up any time there’s a little disagreement. And you bring up the past when something reminds you of it yet I’m never allowed to bring the past up cause you tell me to get over it. You’re not fair. You don’t behave in way that makes me feel taken care of and loved. You’re secretive. You can never talk without it being a fight and you don’t allow me to express myself when you’ve done something that is not okay without getting defensive and without bringing up false accusations or things about me just to deflect your wrong doingings.
  • you don’t appreciate me fully at all

  • you tell me how you can have other women

Then go ahead cause I can have a much better quality of man than you.

I don’t need your mind games, abusive behavior and toxicity in my life.

I was so focused on you that it made me forget what my standards are and you’re not meeting them at all.

  • you ignore me when you don’t like something I do even when it’s you who started it.

-you act stupid and I don’t want to be a stupid person. That’s what you tell me but in actuality that’s what I should be telling you. But i wouldn’t say it in such a mean way

  • you create a hot and cold inconsistent environment and feel that is unneeded and that I do not want in my life.

-you’ve lost me cause of your lack of self awareness and true awareness , your lack of empathy, your lack of respect and care, and because of your lack of change.

You can’t expect me to change everything while you can just continue to act the same way that i find unacceptable and do not want in a partner.

You’re a different person every day. I don’t know who I’m going to get.

You are a man of low worth because you don’t strive to be better towards people who genuinely love you. You just don’t care. Your past relationships make you bitter and make you give less to our relationship that is now no more.

You don’t deserve me.

You deserve someone like you. Someone who gets angry doesn’t care puts you down ignores you never thinks about you never reaches out. Plays games and makes you feel insecure.

I no longer want to be in a relationship with you because you are not ready and you are not willing to see what you do.

I will no longer be just an option to you while I made you a priority.

You lost me cause I realized what the fuck have I been going getting so upset and feeling bad over someone who’s in the wrong 89% of the time but can’t take accountability for it. You blame me for your bad behavior and it’s not me. My mistake was allowing you to get away with it and allowing you to take away my self worth. I realize my worth and I can do SO much better than you.

When a man really values a woman and their relationship he’ll make efforts instead of making excuses or playing games.

You are not that man.

You offer me nothing that I want or need in my life.

Your crumbs of love were not enough and will never be good enough for someone to actually want it unless they are as insecure as you.

I’m glad I realized this today. I was being stupid for giving so much to someone who gave very little and really didn’t want to give at all.

I’m going to do my own thing and heal and then move on to the things that make me feel good and that work with me. People that show me and act in ways that show me that they want me around and value me.

This is the most happy I’ve felt in a long time.


Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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