Fuck you

That’s what i say to anyone who doesn’t give a fuck

Don’t try and tell me you do

When you have it easy

When your worst fear is mommy and daddy yelling at you when you’re almost fucking 30

You’re not on my level

Your heart hasn’t gone through enough

To know how to have a heart

You’re like soulless



And stupid

About what you do now

Only caring about it later

And later is too late

I’m stronger than you will ever be

So i don’t care what you think

Cause You haven’t been through shit

And I pity the man

Who thinks he can

Treat anyone so carelessly

After selling themselves with words abd promises

You have to learn

The hard way

And until then

Everyone in your life

Will be as fake and phoney

As you

That helps me sleep at night

Cause I don’t accept



And conmen

You’re life is stupid

Your “love” feels like a cheap car sales man

Trying too hard To sell you a lemon

Trying to take all your money

When They know the money you have

Isn’t a lot but you’ve worked your ass off for it

And then when that car they sold you breaks down in the middle of nowhere late at night

And you’re fucked

They’re at home alone

Sleeping peacefully

Without a care in the world


And slimy

I wouldn’t ever want to be someone like you

Everyone warned me

About you

And I didn’t listen

Cause for some stupid reason

I see the good in people

But never again

Will I allow someone

With such disregard

And without any grace or feel

To ever talk themselves

Into my heart


And cold

I feel sorry for you

and uncomfortable

Csuse you try so hard

To say something

But it’s never ever right

But you think you’re so clever

You will be more alone

Then I ever will

You’ll think of me

When you have no one

And you’ve wasted your days on stupid shit

And everyone you loved is dead

You’ll think of me

And hate that I was right

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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