It’s pretty sad

When you find out that someone you thought was good to you

Is just like so many other douchebags that fill the streets of LA

The truth is

You are not all those things you say and think you are

You are exactly what I don’t want

Nobody would want someone who doesn’t see themselves and can’t be real

You only care about you

And I’m starting to not care about you cause you have done nothing to help

The love you have was only for you

Not to actually love me

You don’t know a single thing about love

You’re a child

That most people want to smack in the face when they meet you

Cause you come off like an arrogant kid who thinks he’s bad ass. You come off like you deserve better treatment than you are willing to give

And people just don’t like you

Now I understand why

Cause I don’t like you now that I’ve seen who you really are

I guess my friends are better at reading people than I am

Or I just don’t listen to myself. I knew you could be like this yet I believed you when you said you would be different and that you could change

Ha. That’s a laugh

You are still exactly the same

And I don’t really like who you are now

And I will do anything and everything I can to make sure you stay away from me cause I don’t want to be around someone like you

We were close but you haven’t been there for me when i needed

And you don’t even care to try

Cause you’re a shitty person

People who are decent do things to be there for the people they love and care about

You do not

So I don’t want you

You’re not cool

You think you know things you have no clue about

And most importantly

When someone you forced your love on

As well as made them believe that you loved them

Is going through the hardest time in their lives

And you can’t even be decent enough to be there or check in on them….

That makes you a pretty shitty human being.

That makes you

A little boy with no loyalty. No heart. No care. Nobody. You are nobody.

I hope you learn how you made me feel and I hope it hurts.

I also hope you stay away from me cause I don’t want anything to do with any part of your big headed, cocky for no reason, heartless self.

You are a worthless person when it comes down to it. A worthless person pretending to be someone you’re not.

Go away from here . I’ll expose you for the sleazy – selfish child you are… And/ or I’ll make sure you stay away by other means.

I don’t like you

I don’t have to be nice to someone I don’t like and don’t trust.

You were the biggest waste of time and I’m glad to trash you for good.

You will get yours. And it won’t be from me. But when karma does come back at you

I’ll just sit back and watch and laugh cause you deserve it. You deserve worse to teach you how to be a decent person.

Good riddance

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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