You should be ashamed of yourself for what you gave done.

This person you let back in is a con artist.

Stole my camera by telling me his car got broken into and then replaced it with a shit camera that doesn’t even work and doesn’t have all the stuff that my camera had. When I called him on it. He basically told me he would check my camera bag. How can you check the bag for something if it got stolen.

So defamation of character is totally wrong and exactly what you’re doing to me.

You don’t think people tell me what you’ve said about me?

You don’t think it’s wrong to allow someone who does shady shit to everyone but the worst shit to me to come back and then make me suffer for his illegal shit.

You basically pushed me out of there and to answer your question – no obviously are not friends cause of YOU. Not because of me

Do you ever see how you treat people that have been good to you. Never stole money. Even when you left the bank WAY over – i would tell you every time. I’m sure majority of people there would not do that because you screw them over so much and have no loyalty that why would they want to be loyal to you?

I’m just saying what everyone who’s dealt with you and worked for you has said at least one time before

This is a vent cause you really don’t see that the problem is and it starts with whoever is in charge. I’ve never had anyone knowingly make me feel so unsafe and disposable just because I had the balls to tell you what was going on.

And all the messages I have saved prove it.

I guess you like people who lie and steal from you more than people who might make a few mistakes but is good at what I do and doesn’t steal.

I’m not a good talker like the person you brought back and pushed me out for. He’s a sales man but he’s not someone I would ever trust again. I made that mistake with him and with the both of you. You never had my back. So why should I ever had yours?

And it’s a pattern with you guys. The people who have gone above abd beyond for you and the business – you take advantage of and aren’t very nice to for reasons that other people can get away with.

Plus you accuse people of lying before you even know the truth. I have many examples of situations to back this up.

You’re losing money cause of you

Not because of anyone else.

Don’t call someone a liar when they can prove that they’re not. Don’t slander my name just because I’m standing up for myself and my rights – since you’re not.

Don’t treat people who have done more than they are required and helped out as much as they could – like they don’t matter in a serious situation like this.

And don’t be a hypocrite. You want others to treat you right and help out and be on time and be honest. It starts with YOU first. Lead by example. Everything about you guys and that place is toxic. Except for the few people who still work there and are clueless the fact that what you’re doing it’s wrong

Plain a simple the things you’ve done are WRONG and illegal and a slap in the face to the people that were actually good to you.

You’ve lost more business because of the people you get rid of for stupid reasons. The fact that you talk crap about those people behind there backs (most of which is not even true) and how you treat people that used to be loyal and go in all the time.

All the problems you have are because of you.

You are not helping yourself right now

See your situation from the perspective of someone else that’s not you looking in at the situation

It’s not too hard to see

I’ve managed the same kind of business before and I know more about how to get returning business and consistently busy nights and more money and it’s not by doing it the way you have.

If something or someone is bringing your business down (and enough people have said this and stopped going there because of this) then that’s your own fault for allowing it to continue to operate in an inefficient way.

I wish you the best but even more so I wish you would open your eyes and see your actions that lead the situation you’re in now.

You had loyal people but you didn’t treat them right.

How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot. You wouldn’t feel good and I know you would want it to stop. Or you would try your hardest to make it stop so no one gets treated like that again

But it’s not you

And you think you’re doing the right thing

But you’re not.

Greed and believing shit that you know nothing about and a lack of care for people makes a bad leader.

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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