You don’t see

I see what is in front of me

I see who was there when everything went to shit

Don’t tell me I don’t see when you are blind to anything and everything that’s going on with others that you say you care about

how others are affected by it

You only see and feel you.

I don’t have time to see what isn’t there in any way I need

I won’t

Cause no matter what your words say

What you show is completely different

How you made and make me feel is not good.

At all.

So don’t you dare say it’s something I don’t see.

When it mattered

Where were you?


You’re not helping me at all.

And if you think you really are then you’re out of touch with reality

And so out of touch with me.

That’s all that really matters to me right now

Grow up

And stop telling me what I should feel

What I don’t see

I’m done.

Your words and back and forth talk just drive me crazy and not in a good way

Abd you don’t care

You keep on

Defending yourself when you got nothing

You make excuses

And after so many times

Of the same old shit

From sorry to hate

Mixed with the trauma and loss of everything that I’m trying to deal with

You add extra stress and NO HELP

to the mix

What makes you think you care? Cause you feel something after I’m gone

Cause you are delusional?

Cause you can’t see yourself the way others see you

But you’ll fight and fight and have to be right about something you haven’t cared enough to know anything about : my feelings

Fuck this.

You dig yourself into a hole the more you talk without empathy the more words you say without awareness

The more you try to defend something that’s just not worth it.

It makes me think you’re not really a good person

And not someone I want around

Fuck this

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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