please let me keep this memory

random thoughts
took a train
i don’t feel very well today
pages ripped out
Hi Hello Hi
Do I know you?
It changes a lot.
you don’t know, do you?
You are lost and gone forever
Take care then
I have lots of drinks
Two Blue Ruins
Come On.
I mean, it’s just blank
a night picnic
Ouch! Fuck it.
what if it breaks?
i don’t… know any.
i’m so tired
what are you doing here?
i have to go to sleep now
get it off your head
she looks at me like she doesn’t even know who i am
give it a rest
make a clean break
excuse me?
i apologize
was not happy and wanted to move on
she’s like that
why? why? why?
we want to empty your home
we want to empty your life
wake up
work backwards from there
nothing you’ll miss
i don’t understand
I don’t know if i like this
Just take it easy.
This is the last time i saw you
our situation is a little weird
do you have any idea?
you’re not ready.
it’s going it’s going
all the pain confusion
Poor guy
beyond good and evil
you don’t tell me things
i tell your everything
what do you write in there?
i don’t know
do you love me?
let him go
to let people begin again
it’s beautiful
adults are this mess of sadness
make it all go away
nothing makes any sense.
nothing makes any sense.
nothing makes any sense

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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