Fade out

Finished all my school work

Now it’s almost the end of the day

There is nothing I can do

Nothing I can say

One day begins and ends

And blends

Into the month

It’s almost been a year

What’s happening now?

Is not very clear

I can’t trust people

Who cannot be trusted

That seems to be

Almost everyone

Ha you got busted!

Nowhere left to run

Nowhere left to run

Blur. Blur

Uh huh Her

Your eyes and head

Play tricks on you

Everything you thought

You knew

Is wrong


It’s me who does not belong

I don’t belong

Take another month

Take Another year

By the time

The news hits your ear

It’s been a long time gone

You did this one too many times

To make it all be okay


It won’t ever be okay again

It’s around the corner

Regret is coming round the bend

For you

I’ve had enough

And where I’m going

You can’t take regret along with you

When these words have gained years in wisdom

When these words begin to fade

Without a trail of breadcrumbs

To lead the way

There is no way

Just a shallow grave



But no more

Of my Love

For you to throw away

When this stops

remember me

that day

Pinch yourself

It’s not a dream

Fade out

You try to scream

But nothing comes out

The ship sank

But The captain didn’t go down with the boat




And cheats

Always seem to stay afloat

This place must be

Pretty close to hell

I don’t want to buy

The shit you’re trying to sell

Beam me up Scotty

its about that time

I can’t say I’m gonna miss


So I won’t

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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