cold weak end night

I can use up all my breath
vocal chords shot to shit
run circles around
your same old delusions
I’m losing it

I cry out
but it falls on deaf dumb ears
it’s all a joke to you
laugh it up
you laugh
as I die
you only cry
crocodile tears
you are cold and dead inside
I have wasted two long years
on what?
for what ?
of stress
you cause
you create
you don’t want to see
what you do
because if you did
it would kill you

who you are now
I don’t know
I do not know
I don’t want know
I just want you to go
and stay away

I’m just someone
for you to blame
it’s all a game
you love to play

make no mistake
you sealed our fate
you do not care
you do not care
you do not care
you have no care
and now it’s too late
you wasted all my effort
you wasted so many days
with your destructive ways
you destroyed my heart and all the love I gave
careless and cruel
the way you behave
now there’s nothing left to save
you lost my love
you broke my heart
all the damage you’ve done
I need a fresh start
now I see
I’m not the one
for you
and you will never be the one for me

I loved you
but now that love
is gone.

here are some books if you are struggling to get out of a toxic relationship or if you just got out of a toxic relationship and you need help recovering.

Author: b-side junkie

artist/designer, music lover, b-side junkie, writer, bartender, animal lover..."feelist"... Mad mime

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