robert smith is an anomaly

i used to be in love
and i believed
could change
the world
or at least
i could change the world
because i was in love

it’s all bullshit
and people are no good
even when they are
the hope begins to fade
just like everything else
and the truth seeps in
making you
comfortably numb
and then crushes you
you become just like everybody else.

i used to feel
until it killed me
now i just know better
before i let any feelings get too settled in
before anything gets too comfortable
i cut it off
there’s no open door policy
there’s no crashing on my couch
there’s no welcome mat for visitors
or company
i don’t even open the door
when there’s a knock.
it will only lead to ruin
and i’ve been there and done that
and never want to do it again

robert smith
i wish i could be just like you.


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Covered my shift

Why did you have to be so cruel when I just needed somee love.

You’re like everybody else

Now is too late

I can’t drive away

My breath thing won’t let me leave

I’m just waiting in my car

For it to Happev


You fall through the darkness of your own shadow

That You believe is someone else

Out for the kill

It’s easier to blame the dark figure that follows your every move

Then to blame yourself

You smell of whiskey and a dark past

It lingers off your tongue

And drips into my mouth with every kiss

It stains words

And marks actions thrown

Like daggers

To the heart

Feed the beast

So the beast doesn’t feed on you

This walk to nowhere

You made me feel

Like life was worth living

And then you made me feel

Like it wasn’t

Nothing I did was good enough

Nothing I did

Made you show me

What I needed

Everything you did in the end

Was only

To make this my end.

And I accept.

Day 3

12:45 pm. Woke up to two of my cats bring extra loving and sweet. Was feeling super down last night. I didn’t want to get up and face the day so I went on my phone to watch some videos on YouTube and disconnect. I came across this video called “interview with the devil” a book by Napoleon Hill but it was the audio version and I listened to the whole the twice. Made me realize I was drifing. Anyways here’s the link if you want to check it out : Interview with the Devil

3:10 pm. Went to lunch with a friend. Was fun and it got me out of the house which at first terrified me but was much needed.

4:20 decided to get a manicure and pedicure after lunch. Made me feel better

9:20 pm. I’m at work now. The acoustic act that’s on stage right now is singing a song about death.

Lol sometimes you have to laugh at shit that’s the devil poking fun at you.

Tonight is pretty dead.

Can’t sleep

It’s cold in my room

And I don’t like being alone tonight

I just want to fall asleep

Fuck it


Day 2

11:30 am woke up in a daze. I have my drum lesson at 1 pm. Don’t really feel like going but I know it will make me feel better. I know not going is going to make me feel worse

3:19 pm just got out of my drum lesson. It went well. I do feel a little better. Went over some old stuff and my teacher taught me some new stuff. My teacher is awesome. She’s really inspiring and is really good at what she does. Both drumming and teaching. Maybe that’s why I’m doing so well at something I always loved and fascinated by but thought I could never do. Not everyone with knowledge or expertise in something should or could be a teacher. It takes a certain kind of person to really teach others. I’m grateful for the great teachers out there like her who actually love teaching and have the patience passion talent and understanding to do it. A great teacher makes all the difference between a person who succeeds and one who doesn’t.

Anyways we finished the lesson by me playing along to the song “Eye of the Tiger” lol.

8:15 pm. When I got home from my drum lesson around 4:15 pm i went upstairs to my room and started sketching some ideas out. I didn’t look at my phone until 8 pm. Saw he texted me. Got depressed. I feel hopeless. Replying will do me no good. It’s a trap and I don’t want to fall for it again. I’m turning my phone on vibrate and putting it in my purse. Now I’m going to go get dinner. One step at a time. I’ll try not to let him get to me. I’m still hurting and sad but for now I will try to put that aside and just live in the moment.

Ugh I feel so alone and helpless.

I miss the good side of him but I can’t ignore the bad side cause that is part of the reason I’ve been feeling the way I do right now.

I don’t have any resentment or anger towards anyone today. Except for myself but I know that’s not my own thoughts that’s just me resorting back to old beliefs and past trauma.

OK. I’m going to get dinner now. I just want to be okay.

10:07 pm. I’m home again. I’m going to paint for a bit and then go to bed. I don’t feel very good and maybe tomorrow will be better. I just want to sleep until I don’t feel sad and depressed anymore.

Day two was much harder than day one.

When will it get easier?

If you only knew the reply the voice inside my head just gave…



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What Makes People Susceptible to Gaslighting?
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