The last thing

Before I let you go
I loved you
It made me so happy when you loved me back
And wanted to be with me
And I could feel your love
And it broke my heart
To lose you
This way
It breaks my heart right now
To see
How you are living happy
So quickly moving on
Without me
And the part that kills me
Is how you just ignore me
Like I don’t matter
You were so special to me
And all I ever wanted was your Love and understanding
And to just treat me good
And love me
The way I Love you
It’s the hardest
The worst feeling
I’ve ever felt

And so that is it
I guess I thought I was Someone special to you cause you made me feel it and I loved that so much
It made me love you even more
But now to not have it or see it
Shows me I’m not very special to you at all

It hurts and I need to stop thinking of you as someone special
And move on
So this is the last time I will write about
And this the last of you
I will hold on to
Goodbye my love
(Wherever you are )






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