Big men don’t piss on little trees

It wouldn’t be the bottom
Without you
With you means to be without
You wear your mask of merriment
Disguise yourself with booze,
Hard drugs and false good humor
Though your heart feels like a tumor
Reality only appears to recede
Before and after
The rapist
Man’s laughter
Casual ties
Nothing left
You practice human relations
Spend full happy hours in empty sensation
Only Drifting around…
If You only feel it –
When your words are slurred
If your only vision-
is a vision blurred
You should find some hope
And get off the dope
I am constructing our love
Out of moments of sanity.
You have No shame
Playing your game
Even if signs of enjoyment are often faked
This scene is a scene
Your belief in salvation
Is the delusion
You can’t lose every battle with yourself
And still win the war
It doesn’t matter
You will wait
For the better day
With a more sober you
to come around
You could wait forever …
(You’ve got drugs)



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