I can sit and cry for the last time for you

At a table
In a restaurant
Across from you
And pour my fucking heart out
Like it was on the menu
For such a price
It isn’t set
But it’s worth just as nice
As you would ever expect it
Even if not now 
Some how
I’ll move on
you don’t give me much choice
and I wish you did
cuz I loved you
it takes balls to say I love you
you might know
I don’t know
who knows
you show it sometimes
when you feel like it
when it’s easy
But I think I’ve learned my lesson this time not to say I won’t give my heart away again
I won’t give my heart to you
again cause i know you’ll never feel it unless you do
when you do
And when you do it’s too late
I just wish you loved me
Like I love you
And right now there’s nothing more to say
Cuz you’re not saying anything really makes me want to stay I hope you find happiness
I know you will
I love you and I always will
the end



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